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Do Something for Humanity Matt Cubbler - Ep 160

April 20, 2022 Camden and Otis Episode 160
The Cam & Otis Show
Do Something for Humanity Matt Cubbler - Ep 160
Show Notes

“A leader is somebody who wants someone else to have success and helps them get there.” – Matt Cubbler

On today's show we have Matt Cubbler. From serving in the U.S. Army, to working as one of Pennsylvania's most renowned police officers, to donating his time speaking to teens and young adults about the importance of leadership in their lives, he has devoted his life to helping others through both his professional and personal life.
To him these things come naturally. Because after growing up as the son of a single mother and the brother of a mentally disabled teen who was often picked on, Cubbler always knew it was his calling to serve others. A month after graduating from high school, Cubbler's brother Andy died in a violent car accident. That moment would end up becoming the single most impactful moment in his life.
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