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Jason Kruger - Signature Analytics | Cam & Otis Show Ep. #306

November 23, 2023 Camden and Otis Episode 306
10x Your Team with Cam & Otis
Jason Kruger - Signature Analytics | Cam & Otis Show Ep. #306
Show Notes

Jason Kruger joins Camden and Otis to discuss Signature Analytics' approach to business analytics.  Why should you be focusing on lead metrics instead of lag metrics?  How can you be a financially sound leader without becoming all about the bottom line?  And how often should your team do a deep dive into your business' data?  Jason, Cam, and Otis discuss all this and much more on this great episode.

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More About Jason:
Jason Kruger is kind of a badass when it comes to accounting. Don’t be fooled  by his impressive resume and professional demeanor, he’s shaking up the way business owners think about running their organizations. Gone are the days of the traditional office model with an accounting team that stays with a company for 35 years and then retires with a pension. Today’s business owners have to make strategic decisions to optimize profitability. The only way to do that is with good data from their accounting teams. Jason’s 20+ years of accounting and business advisory experience puts him in a prime position to help guide business owners to make smarter business decisions. Often, that means choosing outsourced solutions to provide next-level expertise at a fraction of an in-house cost. Founded in 2008, Signature Analytics brings the expertise and benefits of large company financial and accounting tools and processes to small and medium-sized businesses and larger non-profit organizations. Since that time under Kruger’s leadership, Signature Analytics was recognized as an Inc. 5000 company for FIVE straight years for growth and as a “Best Place to Work”. Signature Analytics still has a headquarters in Southern CA while delivering exceptional service to clients across the US. Before founding Signature Analytics, Kruger spent 10 years in public accounting, finishing as a Senior Audit Manager at Deloitte. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Arizona. With Kruger’s expertise and Signature Analytics’ commitment to delivering reliable financial insights, businesses and nonprofits can make smart decisions based on real numbers.

Jason Kruger
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-kruger-a0b159b/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SignatureAnalytics
Socials: @SignatureAcctg