10x Your Team with Cam & Otis

Luis Scott - 8 Figure Firm | 10x Your Team with Cam & Otis Ep. #319

January 14, 2024 Camden and Otis McGregor Episode 319
10x Your Team with Cam & Otis
Luis Scott - 8 Figure Firm | 10x Your Team with Cam & Otis Ep. #319
Show Notes

On this episode of 10x Your Team with Cam & Otis, the Founder of 8 Figure Firm Consulting, Luis Scott, joins the show to discuss habits, leadership, and the business of law.  What can baseball superstitions teach us about mental habits?  Why is dropping ego so important to leading properly?  And how do your beliefs shape your odds of success in entrepreneurship?  Luis, Camden, and Otis dive into all this and much more in this fantastic episode.

More About Luis:
Luis Scott is a highly respected attorney, author, sought-after speaker, and dynamic entrepreneur who has profoundly impacted both the legal and business realms.  As the Former COO and Managing Partner of a multi 8 Figure Firm, Luis founded 8 Figure Firm Consulting to help other businesses achieve the same success he had in his 20 years in the legal world.  Luis has achieved remarkable success while continuously embodying an entrepreneurial spirit.  With an impressive career spanning over two decades, Luis' role as a managing partner guided numerous families through the complexities of the legal system with unwavering dedication.  Founding 8 Figure Firm Consulting, Luis revolutionized the legal profession by empowering fellow legal professionals to optimize and expand their practices, achieving unprecedented success in yearly predictable revenue and beyond.  As the former COO and Managing Partner of a large law firm, Luis exemplifies entrepreneurial excellence, passionately advocating for clients while fostering a culture of innovation.  A captivating speaker and sought-after thought leader, Luis Scott inspires audiences with both legal wisdom and the mindset required to thrive as entrepreneurs in the legal landscape.

Luis Scott